Selected courses evaluations in the recently years
Semester Courses Number of students Evaluation of the course Student evaluation of instructor
Fall 2006 EEE 537
Spring 2005 ECE 352
Fall 2004 EEE 537
Spring 2004 ECE 352
Fall 2003 EEE 537

Selected student comments of the courses taught
Fall 2005, ECE 100:
“It was easy to follow and the professor's presentations were also put on blackboard in case I needed to go back and look at something…Building the robot…Good prereq for engineers, gave me an idea of what engineering will be like…It helped me learn to write technical reports…The instructor had a practical and well prepared approach in teaching the course…The instructor really showed a great interest in the subject; so, somehow it gave us all confidence that we can do it.”
Spring 2005, ECE 352:
“The lab tour was pretty interesting …I really like the instructor, I thought he did an excellent job. I like the lab tour, very interesting to see the stuff we are learning being applied…Professor Zhang taught the course very well. His lectures were very lucid and covered the material well…The professor's enthusiasm about the material made the class more interesting. I felt like the exams were very reasonable, and the homework well related to the exams. I appreciate the effort the professor made to relate the homework and exams…I liked this course because it explained the core theory on how diodes, B JT's and MOSFETS work. I gained a deeper understanding of quantum theory and how valuable its applications are…Professor Zhang 's enthusiasm and ability to make this class so interesting…The lab tour made the class much more relevant to subjects that the students care about…I happened to like the class...”
Fall 2004, EEE 537:
“When I come into class half asleep (right after lunch) and I walk out of the classroom awake and thinking (at least half of the time), something's done right!…I think homework that mixes book exercises with professor's own questions is a good approach to learn the concepts…Great course. Make them offer Opto2.”
Spring 2004, ECE 352:
“Instructor was quite possibly the best instructor I have had at ASU…Teacher knows his stuff and took time to answer all questions…The material was very interesting and the professor tried his best at all times to make sure everyone understood the material…I loved Professor Zhang's enthusiasm for the subject and his love for physics and research. He is the most approachable of professors and is always encouraging students to seek researching opportunities…Interesting concepts, Provided Powerpoint slides very useful…I liked the discussions on semiconductor devices…I really enjoyed the subject matter. In past courses, such as ECE 334, we learned about the devices themselves. In ECE 352, we learned about the physics behind the devices…Class presentations were well organized and aided in learning…Real life applications, instructor was enthusiastic I thought it was interesting to learn about semiconductors and lasers. Also, the professor seemed to be very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject…Dr. Zhang is the best Professor I've ever had. I enjoyed attending his class. He was almost always available to answer my questions…”
Fall 2003, EEE 537:
“Clear physical explanation, focus on application…The best part about this course was that the professor has a lot of practical experience and could directly relate all of the stuff with some recent inventions or improvements…I liked that he rescheduled classes when he was out of town rather than get a guest lecturer. I like that he graded the homework himself promptly…Enthusiastic prof., interesting material, neat lab projects…”