Research is not just for scientists. Our group provides numerous opporunites for undergraduate students to take part in various research projects.


Jonathan Knudsen
Jonathan developed a computer controlled time-resolved measurement system for our group in 2003, when he was an undergradute student in the Department of Electrical Engineering, ASU.


Names Year Projects
    Christopher Wilp
Photoluminescence measurements

    Jorge Cardenas
2014 X-ray diffraction measurements

Herbert Bowler 2009 Low-cost solar concentrator and MBE
Jared Harvey 2009 Low-cost solar concentrator
Jonathan Knudsen 2003 Computer controlled time-resolved measurement
Ping Zhang 2000-2001 Software development
Bree Deherera 2000 MBE chilled water manifold upgrade
Alex Nguyen 1999 MBE hardware and electronics
Jim Tseng 1999 Technical support for the optical characterization lab
Kee Tang 1998 Development of MBE lab electronics
Efan Ali 1998 Modeling of VCSEL reflectance data
John Miller 1998 Design of wet oxidation furnace
Jason Addie 1998 Built MBE lab hardware and UPS backups
Yee-Fern Chen 1998 Optical materials characterization
Jeff Foutz 1997-1999 MBE electronics and software development
Hans Morales 1997 Lightwave signal analyzer
Troy Hawthorne 1997 Rebuild a low temperature PL cryostat
Daniel Nolasco 1997 MBE hardware and electronics
Jonathon Perry 1997 Labview software for VCSEL testing
Douglas Janes 1997 Computer control hardware & software
Mark DeHerrera 1996-1997 MBE in-situ control computer system