The Solar Cell Test Lab offers comprehensive capabilities for detailed characterization of single junction and multi-junction solar cells. Major tools such as Solar Cell Probe Station, Spectral Quantum Efficiency Kit and Temperature Dependent I-V and QE setup are available through a collaborative agreement with Oriel Instruments, a brand of Newport Corporation. In conjunction with Newport, we welcome collaboration with industry and academic partners.
Solar Probe Station
Solar Cell Probe Station
The solar cell probe station is equipped with an Oriel Class A Solar Simulator. Solar cell I-V measurements can be performed on a temperature controlled chuck with Keithley 2420 source meter and a CCD microscope for alignment.


Oriel QE
Spectral Quantum Efficiency

The Oriel QE/ICPE Kit is a turn key system from Newport for spectral quantum efficiency measurements of solar cells. It includes a 150W xenon arc lamp, Cornerstone 260 1/4m monochromator complete with chopper and filter wheel attached, current preamplifier, Merlin digital lock-in amplifier, calibrated silicon detector head and TracQ Basic software interface for automated spectral QE measurements.

In addition, two 300W xenon arc lamps supplied by Newport provide additional light biasing for white light QE measurements.


Temperature Dependent I-V and QE

The CTI-Cryogenics Cryocooler is a closed–cycle liquid helium cooled cryostat. The cold head is mounted on a slide rail for convenient positioning in front of the spectral QE measurement kit for low temperature QE or white light I-V measurements down to 5K. The cold finger accepts 24-pin DIP ceramic packages and other custom mounted samples. A custom Labview interface operates with a Lakeshore 331/332 temperature controller and Keithley 2400/2420 source meter for automated I-V vs. temperature sweep.
NOTICE: All equipment is available to external users at reasonable cost.
Please e-mail yhzhang@asu.edu for further details.