Processing/Clean Room
Semiconductor device processing is carried out in a 4,000 square foot class-100 cleanroom in the Center for Solid State Electronics Research (CSSER).
List of major equipments and systems:

Tempress 8-stack furnace tubes configured for: wet and dry thermal oxidation; poly-silicon, low temperature oxide and silicon nitride CVD; phosphorus and boron doping; and the annealing of 4” silicon wafers.

Heidelberg DWL 66 Mask Making and Optical Direct-Write

Karl Suss MJB3 Contact Aligner

EVG 620 Front and Backside Aligner

JEOL JBX-6000FS/E Electron Beam Lithography System

Sloan/Varian 841 Electron Beam Evaporator

Torrvac VC-320 Electron Beam Evaporator

CHA 600-SE Electron Beam Evaporator

CHA 1000-SE E-beam Evaporator

Edwards Auto306 Thermal Evaporator

MRC-8617 RF Sputter Coater

Woollam Ellipsometer WVASE32

Rudolph AutoEL II Ellipsometer

Dektak IIA Profilometer

Filmetrics F20

Hitachi S4700 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive x-ray Analysis

PlasmaQuest 333 RPCVD

Tamarack 180M

Heat Pulse 610 RTP


STS ICP Advanced Silicon Etch (ASE)

STS ICP All General Etch (AGE)

PlasmaLab µ P80 Reactive Ion Etcher

Tegal PlasmaLine 411 Plasma Asher

EVG620 Mask Aligner

EVG520HE Bonder and Semi-automated Hot Embossing

NOTICE: All equipment is available to external users at reasonable cost.
Please e-mail for further details.