Donna Vigneri

Donna Vigneri


Updated September 17, 2010

Electrical Engineering, 2010-2012, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering (ABET Accredited)
Emphasis: Solid State Electronics
GPA: --/4.0

Electrical Engineering, 2008-2010 Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (ABET Accredited)
GPA: 3.2/4.0

Engineering Experience
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL August 2008 - May 2010
Microelectronics Fabrication Laboratory
Undergraduate College Roll 2008-10
ï Learned photolithographic processes
ï Wrote manuals for, and repaired, photolithographic and deposition systems

Matrix Composites, LLC, Rockledge, FL, July 2006 - January 2007
Composite Fabrication Lab
ï Improving processes for structural soundness of aerospace composite parts (Boeing, Piper)
ï Improvements on layup of windswept parts - Raptor F/A 22
ï Experience with dry fabrics and RTM molding processes

Liberty Aerospace, Inc, Melbourne, FL, August 2005 - June 2006
Composite Fabrication Lab
ï Designed templates to kit a full-composite plane (Liberty XL2 aircraft)
ï Used AutoCAD to program a cutting machine to cut the templates (Gerber 2500)

Engineering Skills
ï Tesla coil design: VTTC, DRSSTC (with audio modulation), SSTC
ï Equipment: Oscilloscopes, Function generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Filmetrics, Power supplies, Microscopes, Amplifiers
ï Processes:
-photolithography (365nm exposure, polymer layer solar cells, III-V semiconductor devices, photomask design)
-composite fabrication (wet/dry, trimming, bonding, design)
-engineering projects (visualize, verbalize, document, implement!)
ï Techniques: Troubleshooting/debugging software and hardware, soldering, welding, control systems analysis
ï Languages: C, C++
ï Software: JavaTC, Matlab/Simulink, AutoCAD, Labview (w/DAQ), HSpice, JavaTC
ï OS: Linux/UNIX, Windows

Research and Scholarly Activities
Research Grant/Fellowship, 2011 (pursuant)
ï NASA's Space Grant Graduate Fellowship: remote sensing, solid state space applications, solar energy, education outreach

Capstone project, 2009-2010
ï Dual resonant solid state Tesla coil: with applications in electromagnetics, electrostatics, power and energy systems (HV), and more.

Academic Awards
ï Thomas Pridmore Engineering Scholarship, 2009-10
ï Academic Scholarship Grant, 2008-09, 2009-10
ï CCTS Excellence in Science Award, May 2003

ï Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)
ï Society for Women Engineers (SWE)
ï Arizona Tesla Coil Builders (non-member)
ï American Meteorological Society, Historian, 2010
ï Student Astronomical Society, member, 2009-10
ï Kaleidoscope Literary Society, Editor, 2009

ï Volunteer judge, Brevard County High School Science Fair, 2009
ï Raised money for cancer patients with the Veterans of Foreign Wars/VA, 2003

ï Reading, horse training, hiking, racing, auto performance mods, drawing
ï Designing/building Tesla coils

ï Available upon request